The EUROPEAN INFORMATION CENTRE began activities in Oct 1997, when the Council of Europe opened its first Regional centre in Veliko Tarnovo. In Dec 2000, EIC was registered as NGO. EIC has been hosting the European Documentation Centre of EU since Jan 2001 and since Jan 2007, with the entry of Bulgaria as EU member, the EUROPE DIRECT for North-Central Bulgaria (districts of Veliko Tarnovo and Razgrad). EIC main objectives are: popularize values of the EU within the country; assist authorities, institutions, organizations, citizens in the process of European integration; support development of the civil society and media; to educate and train, to assist and do research, provide consultations on the hot issues of the European integration; teach topics on basic European values using new methods and methodologies. Main initiatives are “Europe is more than you think”; “Teaching Europe”,“Mobile Europe”, “Young,United,We Stand”, “Empowerment of young people”, ‘Labor market and personal and career development”, “Europe of tolerance”. EIC is an active participant of both international and national programmes, projects and initiatives, initiating new projects and joining partnerships.


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